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Systems for condensing flue gas and for flue gas desulphurisation put special demands on the choice of materials used for expansion bellows. Fabric suppliers are therefore chosen for their proven excellence within this specialised field.

Bording Bellows flexible connections for temperatures below 200°C consist of a layer of special weave for air or flue gas. Above this temperature multi-layer construction will include insulation for flue gas and other systems.

Materials available include, insulation up to 1300°C, special weave for up to 1000°C and gastight fabrics that can withstand the most common chemicals.

All materials used are chosen with due consideration to the working environment. Dangerous materials eg. asbestos, would of course never be used.

The choice of materials is based on the actual operating conditions including, temperature, flowing medium, pressure, expected movement and ambient conditions.


Flexible Connections or expansion bellows can be installed in pipe or duct systems using a variety of attachments depending on the temperature and pressure conditions. Here temperature range is indicated.

In many cases it is advantageous to use expansion joints supplied complete with steelwork for easy installation directly into the system.


Configuration I: Attachment to spigots using steel straps. Recommended maximum temperature 450°C.


Configuration II: Attachment with angle flanges. Recommended maximum temperature 450°C.


Configuration IV: Attachment with parallel flanges. Suitable for the whole temperature range.




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