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L=Air, R=Flue Gas, LTF=Wet Flue Gas.

The complete temperature range for standard
construction is from -50°C to 1100°C.
The table shows the individual product and the
corresponding temperature range.
Pressure range is from -30kPa to +30kPa. Special
configuration for higher pressure can be supplied.


Type L – Clean Air

L-types consist of one or more layers of fabric depending on pressure and temperature.


Type R – Flue Gas

R-types also include a chemical resistant PTFE barrier.

Type LTF

Designed for use with low temperature flue gas and vapours from aggressive chemical products.


Type LTF140: Reinforced EPDM rubber:

Weatherproof and resistant to chemical vapours. Resistant to flue gas with no oil content.
Not suitable for mineral oil or concentrated acids.

  • Temperature max. 120°C
  • Temperature min. -50°C
  • Maximum pressure 30kPa

Type LTF260: PTFE coated and laminated glass weave:

Optimal chemical resistance. Weatherproof, strong and robust, resistant to mechanical influences including torsion.

  • Temperature max. 260°C
  • Temperature min. -60°C
  • Maximum pressure 15kPa




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