Flexible Connections, Expansion Bellows and Dampers
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Bording Bellows is a leading company in the production of flexible connections, expansion bellows and dampers.

The product range is based on a combination of basic information about the problems to be solved, uncompromising guidelines for production and control combined with utilisation of the finest special weaves and insulating material available.

During all phases of production the materials and processes are constantly inspected. Quality control is maintained in compliance with guidelines specified in ISO 9001.


Expansion bellows...



Power Station to Shipyard and everyone in between

Companies, small as well as large, national as well as international have all chosen Bording Bellows as suppliers for products and services for a multitude of applications including:

  • Power Stations
  • Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Stations
  • Incineration Plants
  • Process Plants
  • Shipping and Off-shore Industry
  • Cement Production
  • Plasterboard Production


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