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Expansion bellows from Bording Bellows can be used in duct systems for boilers, incinerators, power stations, refineries and many other industries where combustion products and other gaseous media must be contained and moved.

Expansion joints from Bording Bellows are designed to resist even the harshest conditions including high or low temperatures.

It is therefore important for Bording Bellows to continually develop and update product selection in order to be able to offer the optimal solution to the customer.

Bording Bellows have, over the years, assembled a significant amount of knowledge regarding applications and the individual problems that have had to be solved. All aspects of design, production and assembly are in-house functions, which means that small and large quantities can be offered at reasonable prices whilst maintaining a flexible delivery program.

Because of the efforts of industry to reduce CO2 emissions, many of the gaseous processes, where Bording Bellows products are installed, have a vastly varying temperature range.

Based on these requirements Bording Bellows have also developed Type LTF-bellows. This range is specially designed for low temperature flue gas and vapours from aggressive chemical products. This range is explained later on.


Three basic types...

Materials and installation...


Before choosing the expansion bellows it is necessary to consider several factors eg. location, temperature, pressure and required movement.


Rectangular and circular are the normal duct shapes but special configurations can be made to order. Single layer fabric would typically be used for low temperature ventilation systems. For flue gasses and applications where the temperature exceeds 250°C a multi-layer bellows would be needed including
special weave and acid resistant PTFE layers.


The selection of the correct expansion bellows is
dependent on many factors as mentioned, including the environment of the exact installation in the system. It is therefore of paramount importance that all rele­vant data is available.



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